Services We Offer:

Where do you start?

Our desire is to help professionals like yourself in ways that are tailored just for you. Your time is very valuable and it can be worth it to delegate tasks to a Virtual Assistant - Freeing you to focus on the more important things in your business and life.

Initially we need to to discuss with you what your specific needs are. In other words, what do you find yourself spending your time and energies on when you'd rather not have to? Write these things down and be as specific as you can. Are there other projects you have always wanted to start but haven't had the time to do so? (i.e., making an online presence via social networking sites, creating newsletters for clients, implementing a referral program) Still need some help?! Not to worry, the following are some of the tasks we provide to professionals like yourself:

Legal Virtual Assistant Tasks: 
- Medical records reviews/summaries

- Flagging concerns in medical records for your review (I.e. previous injuries, medication use, doctors notes, nurses notes ect) 
- Setting up Depositions/Arbitration/Mediation
- Setting up conference calls 
- Transcribing medical examinations/statements/court sessions
- Preparing Demands
- Answering interrogatories/special rogs/rfp 

General Administrative Tasks: 
- Data entry
- Calendar management
- Letter preparation
- Appointment setting/management
- Answer/organize/forwarding emails
- Setting up conference/lunches
- Sending cards or gifts
- Voicemail Management

- Customer Service

- Travel/Dinner reservations
- Purchase gifts/tickets

Marketing Tasks:
- Getting your company running on Social Media
- Creating and implementing E-newsletters for your clients
- Marketing/Advertising Support
- Electronic marketing campaigns
- Create accounts and pages in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook,,  or LinkedIn
- Build and monitor social media ads
- Marketing research

These are just some suggestions and I am sure you may already be creating more in your mind! So, why wait, let's get started with your FREE consultation! 

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