The Wharton's Assist team has been extremely helpful! Cerelia always takes the time to listen to what our needs are and offer suggestions of what services she would recommend. They have been instrumental in helping us communicate with our employees (many of whom speak Spanish), boosting our customer service, following up with potential new clients, data entry projects, and so much more. In the end they ease the stresses of owning a business.

D.Sesma - R and D Janitorial, Inc.

I used Wharton's Assist to help me as I began my business venture. Initially I wasn't sure how to proceed but in the end I wanted to create clones of my virtual assistant! She was very helpful, informative, and stayed on top of things. Hire Wharton's Assist!

S. Sayer - SES, Inc./Sayer Homes

Wharton's Assist has been an invaluable asset to my business. Not only are they competent and experienced virtual assistants who can handle any task presented with professionalism and enthusiasm, they've become a valuable partner, helping to keep me focused on my business. Cerelia is proactive and took the time to understand me and my business and offer suggestions on how she could help me become more efficient and grow. Such a partner in fact, that she managed my consulting practice for me while I went hiking for a month – completely off the grid. I was more than confident leaving my clients in her care and she didn’t let me down. One of the biggest tasks she’s been able to manage for me is blog writing. Cerelia is a fast learner and a competent writer who can take any topic from marketing strategy to estate planning law and create a great blog.

C. Higgins - Fortune Marketing Company

Finding a company that is affordable yet offers quality service is rare these days. We found most social media marketers wanted us to pay a lot up front but end up offering very little in return. Wharton's Assist was direct and their prices were more than reasonable. They consistently deliver what they offer.

T. Salas - Law Offices Of Edward A. Smith

I was really happy with the assistance that Wharton's Assist had provided for my dental office. I appreciate how well they followed up with things. They even created graphics in order to synchronize the look of our website with our social accounts.

Z. Shahbazyan

I am retired but am always looking to invest or try new business ventures... yet - I don't want to feel like I'm working, you know what I mean? Well, I had an idea and needed help. I was really skeptical about hiring someone online that I never met in person. But times have changed and I needed to adapt with them. I kept having horrible experiences! Then I found Wharton's Assist and what I liked is they didn't force me into a contract and they do exactly what they say they are going to do. I have used their services for so many items from cold calling to email marketing... I live by the KISS motto "Keep It Simple Stupid" so whenever I need additional help I trust them to do the searching and advertising for me. Really happy I found them!

A. Geller - Entrepreneur/Investor